Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga is in Turkey on a mission to attract Agro based investors to Uganda.

By Senfuma Ibrahim 30th 11 2019

Kadaga is on an Agricultural value addition chain strategy aiming at linking commodity producers to processors and world markets.   She called upon investors to come to Uganda to take advantange of the good climate, soils and an educated youth work force.

Kadaga said this while officiating at the Growtech Exhibition, which is the world's biggest Greenhouse Industry expo taking place this week since Wednesday 27th November in Antalya, Turkey.

While addressing exhibitors at Growtech Antalya Expo center, Turkey the Speaker urged exhibitors to come to Uganda and invest in commercial farming in crop, animal breading, cold storage facilities and farm machinery facilities.

“I was amazed by a new breed of goats that weighs 180kgs in less than two years. I have made arrangements for the goat exhibitors to come to Uganda and engage in animal breeding.” Said Kadaga.

The Speaker noted that Uganda facilitates the value addition chain by providing tax incentives of a10 year tax holiday for persons who export 80 percent or finished consumer and capital goods and100 percent exemption on income from agro- processing.

Now in its 19th year, Growtech exhibition is the biggest exhibition in the green house sector. This year it has brought together over 850 Exhibitors from130 countries around the world.

During the Expo, the speaker held a meeting with three big companies in Turkey willing to invest in Uganda.

Demeter Greenhouse systems one of the interested companoes are specialists in Greenhouses, Fruit gardens, Cold storages and Animal farms. The company has established mega Greenhouses in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Dagestan, Serbia, İran, Dubai, Sudan and Afghanistan.  

The other investor is into animal husbandry with improved breeds for both beef and milk.  

While the other investor is interested in dealing in supplying Agricultural machinery, Equipment Rental, Waste management and Recycling.

These three companies have scheduled a visit to Uganda early next year for feasibility studies on the possibilities of establishing a plant in Uganda.

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