The Embassies of the Republic of Kenya, Republic of Rwanda and Republic of Uganda in Ankara are pleased to inform the public in Turkey that the East Africa Tourist Visa has been officially launched in Ankara on Thursday 26 June 2014 by the three Embassies of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda at Limak Ambassadore Hotel, Ankara from 10:00-12.00hrs.

The East Africa Tourist Visa came into force on 1st January, 2014 within the three countries of the East African Community region. It is an initiative made by the Heads of State of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda aimed at facilitating free movement of tourists within these countries that offer diverse opportunities in the East African tourism circuit.  

The new EAC Common Tourist Visa is a multiple entry visa which allows visitors to travel freely within the country of first arrival as well as to any of the other member countries without the inconvenience of seeking entry visas or permits for each country separately. It is modelled on the European Union’s Schengen Visa and is envisaged to enhance the tourism sector and improve relations between the people of Turkey and East Africa.


Eligibility: Any Turkish citizen (or any other national) who wants to make a round trip to the Republics of  Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda for tourism. An East Africa Tourist Visa is a multiple entry visa and shall be valid for 90 days. 

Applications for this visa shall be lodged at any of the diplomatic representations of the Republic of Kenya, Republic of Rwanda and Republic of Uganda, and/or at the Immigration Offices of the respective countries or online where applicable.

All persons (travelers) must apply in their own right individually with acceptable travel documents valid not less than 6 months from the date of intended travel. The Visa Fee is 100 USD (one hundred dollars only) for Multiple Entries and valid for 90 days.

The holder of the East Africa Tourist Visa shall enter from the country that issued the visa and move within the two other countries without applying for another visa or paying any additional visa fee.

The holder shall also be allowed to move out of the Republic of Kenya, Republic of Rwanda, and Republic of Uganda; and return without having to pay for another visa. This will only be applicable within the period of 90 days. Work is not permitted and the East Africa Tourist Visa shall not be extended.



1.      One clear colored passport size photo with white background recently taken without glasses, caps and scurf; (the photo should be attached to the application form by use of glue stick. Stapling and clipping the photo to the application form is not advisable).

2.      A complete filled application form.

3.      Visa application letter addressed to the issuing authority of the concerned country.

4.      Flight bookings/ itinerary.

5.      Proof of financial sustainability during the travel period.

6.      Any other documentation that may be requested for purposes of processing the visa application.




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